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We take the extra step with our products, and we pride ourselves in doing so. If you're not fully satisfied with our results, we cover the return charges.

Zirconia Copings

Zirconia copings have a natural look and high translucency, making it an aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional metal substructures. We offer both regular zirconia copings and ultra translucent zirconia copings.

  • File Zirconia Coping
  • Model Zirconia Coping

Full Contour Zirconia

Our full contour crowns are made of solid zirconia without porcelain overlay. Ideal for posterior crowns and bridges with a natural look and high translucent appearance.

  • File Full Contour Zirconia
  • Model Full Contour Zirconia

Ultra Translucent Zirconia Copings

  • File Ultra Translucent Zirconia Coping
  • Model Ultra Translucent Zirconia Coping

Ultra Translucent Full Contour Zirconia

  • File Ultra Translucent Full Contour Zirconia
  • Model Ultra Translucent Full Contour Zirconia

PMMA Temporaries

We offer PMMA shaded temporaries along with wax copings.

  • File Shaded Temporary
  • Model Shaded Temporary

Wax Copings & Full Contour

  • File Wax Coping
  • File Wax Full Contour
  • Model Wax Coping
  • Model Wax Full Contour


CR-CO non precious metal frameworks & copings

  • File NP Coping
  • File NP Full Contour
  • Model NP Coping
  • Model NP Full Contour

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