Axis Dental Milling Processes

Our experienced staff stands ready to meet the needs of the patient, the dentist and the lab.

Once a patient has consulted with a dentist, the process begins. The dentist determines the patient’s need for restorative pieces and provides exact specifications to the dental lab.

The lab then orders the manufactured piece from Axis Dental Milling. Upon completion, Axis delivers the final product to the dentist for placement.


The staff at Axis Milling believes in a total commitment to quality. Our goal is to ultimately produce a quality product that directly improves the mouth care of the patient.

In order to minimize the efforts of those in our chain, Axis employs our own finishing process – a step not offered by most dental mills. We attempt to remove burrs and and sharpness from implants and even do preliminary shading to the tooth when applicable. All of our care an attention is designed to reduce the work on the labs and ultimately the dental professional installing the device.

This saves the dental staff time and allows you to see more patients faster. It also reduces the time spent by the patient and leads to happier, healthier relationships between dentist and patient.

Our Promise

3 days in lab
extremely high quality materials
double-check measurements, milling
extra finishing steps included
outbound shipping included

Shipping and Delivery

Inbound shipping – client’s responsibility
Outbound shipping – included with your order

Regional Clients – UPS Ground (1 day delivery)
Outside our Region – FedEx 2nd-day
8+ units – FedEx Overnight (no additional charge)
Special Accommodations – Client can pay express delivery rate if requested

About Us

Based in LaGrange, Georgia, we serve dental labs all over the country, and we truly view our clients as partners working together to increase value to end users

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