Full Contour Zirconia

Luna HT (High Translucent)

Luna Orea (Ultra Translucent)

Full Contour Zirconia Crowns

Our Full Contour Zirconia Crowns are made of solid zirconia with no porcelain overlay.

Solid Zirconia crowns are made from the highest quality zirconia powder.

Axis full contour crowns can be manufactured in all 16 vita shades


Full contour Solid Zirconia is indicated for crowns, bridges, implants, inlays and onlays. It is an aesthetic alternative to PFM metal occlusal/lingual or full cast restorations.

Preparation Requirements

Zirconia installations do not require shoulder preparation and feather edge is okay. As a conservative preparation, similar to full cast gold, any preparation with at least 0.5 mm of occlusal space is accepted while 1 mm is ideal.

Cementation Recommendations

Resin ­reinforced glass ionomer cement (RelyX Luting Cement, 3M ESPE; GC Fuji Plus, GC America)

Resin cements for short or over­tapered preparations (RelyX Unicem, 3M ESPE; Panavia F2.0, Kuraray)